Class ResourceProxy

  extended by org.xiruss.xirussrepository.client.RepositoryObjectProxy
      extended by org.xiruss.xirussrepository.client.ResourceProxy
All Implemented Interfaces:
RepositoryObject, Resource

public class ResourceProxy
extends RepositoryObjectProxy
implements Resource

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.xiruss.xirussrepository.client.RepositoryObjectProxy
cHelper, logger, objectTypeCode, pathToMe
Constructor Summary
ResourceProxy(XirussHttpApiClientHelper helper, org.w3c.dom.Element dataSource)
Method Summary
 void addVersion(Version version)
 VersionMap getInitialVersions()
          Gets a map of the initial versions for the resource.
 long getVersionCount()
          Returns the total number of versions for this resource.
 VersionMap getVersions()
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accept, compareTo, getId, getName, getProperties, getProperty, getPropertyNames, getRepository, getType, hasProperty, initialize, isNull, setId, setName, setProperty, toString

Constructor Detail


public ResourceProxy(XirussHttpApiClientHelper helper,
                     org.w3c.dom.Element dataSource)
              throws XirussRepositoryException
Method Detail


public VersionMap getVersions()
Specified by:
getVersions in interface Resource


public void addVersion(Version version)
Specified by:
addVersion in interface Resource


public VersionMap getInitialVersions()
Description copied from interface: Resource
Gets a map of the initial versions for the resource. Initial versions are versions that have no previous version.

Specified by:
getInitialVersions in interface Resource
Map of initial versions, if any


public long getVersionCount()
Description copied from interface: Resource
Returns the total number of versions for this resource.

Specified by:
getVersionCount in interface Resource