Package org.xiruss.repository.client.importers

Provides classes that support importing data objects into the repository.


Interface Summary
BosMemberNameGenerator Classes that generate names for BOS members based on some business-case-specific heuristic, which could be hashing of filenames, use of absolute paths of input files, URLs, or a separately-created mapping from input files or storage objects to member name.

Class Summary
BosMember A single member of a bounded object set.
BosMemberFactory Manages the instantiation of new BosMembers.
BosMemberNameGeneratorBase Base implementation class for BOS member key generator implementations.
BoundedObjectSet Represents a bounded object set of storage objects (e.g., files).
DefaultBosMemberNameGenerator Default BOS member name generator implementation.
DirectoryBosMember Imports a directory by creating an Organizer that then contains all the files or directories in this directory.
ImporterBase Superclass for Xiruss-T importer implementations.
ImportHelper Provides methods that provide generic business logic for importing storage objects and directories into a XIRUSS repository.
RtdXmlImporterTest Tests the Referent Tracking Document importer.
SourceToVersionMap Contains a mapping of filesystem-specific storage object identifiers (e.g., filenames, URIs, etc.) to repository versions, where the versions are the previous versions of the storage object to be imported.

Exception Summary

Package org.xiruss.repository.client.importers Description

Provides classes that support importing data objects into the repository. Importers are under the client package because importers are, by definition, clients of the repository, regardless of whether they are communicating with the repository via some distribution mechanism or directly against the repository in the same Java process space.