Interface CompoundDocument

All Superinterfaces:
RepositoryObject, Version
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
CompoundDocumentBase, CompoundDocumentStorageObject, CompoundDocumentStorageObjectProxy, StorageObjectBase, TextStorageObjectBase, XmlStorageObjectBase, XmlStorageObjectProxy

public interface CompoundDocument
extends Version

A Version that is the root of a compound document. Note that the root of a compound document may itself be part of another compound document.

Method Summary
 VersionMap getMemberVersions(Snapshot snapshot)
          Returns the versions rooted at this version based on UBR dependencies.
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Method Detail


VersionMap getMemberVersions(Snapshot snapshot)
Returns the versions rooted at this version based on UBR dependencies.

snapshot - The snapshot on which to resolve the dependencies.
Version map of members.